Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unusual requests and Places that are normally neglected for decoration

Intrusive garage doors and garden walls disappear as  transform  into topiary paradises that virtually open up the space.  


 White washed columns in this tennis house needed the golden artistic touch to escape from monotony.


 This medicine cabinet door became a window that brightened up this small, dark, windowless bathroom

Before                                                   After

This Trompe-l'oeil palladium window breaks up a large white wall in this enclosed swimming pool room.


This private elevator does an underwater descent to a treasure chest.

Folding screens and room dividers are perfect places for self contained murals

If there is no wall space, a closet door makes a fine canvas for a mural

I got this unusual request for a family crest which was installed on top of the front entrance to the house.

Sometimes an artist's canvas can be on a narrow area around a mirror

 Or look down, it can startle you from the floor
Floor cloth portrait of Bebe. A black lab dog.
The possibilities for artistic design are limitless, long after you have run out of walls and ceilings.
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